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Dusk Till Dawn Events the ghost hunting company, providing professional ghost hunting nights and tours in the UK at most haunted locations for all paranormal enthusiasts.

We welcome first time attendees, who have never taken part in a paranormal investigation before to the more experienced ghost hunter!

Are you looking for a different kind of experience, if so you have come to right the place, join us on our very scary, yet exciting paranormal nights at our incredbile haunted locations across the UK.

Take part in overnight ghost hunting events, ghost hunt sleepovers, haunted weekends, spooky tours and paranormal events, where you can become a real paranormal investigator for the night from dusk till dawn.

Investigate our most haunted locations if you dare, with so many to choose from such as old Abandoned Asylums, Castles, Forts, Tunnels, Jails, Mansions, Former Inns and much much more!

Experience our terrifying, scary, bone chilling nights & make contact with those on the other side, They're waiting for you.


Please browse our selection of Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Events.

Providing the number one source for everything ghost hunting related and offering the finest in haunted nights.

Professional, well organised and structured overnight Ghost Hunting Events hosted by friendly and informative hosts who will guide you through a unique and ghostly experience of the supernatural.

If you like the feeling of being scared and delving into the unknown, along with the novel idea of spending a night inside a real haunted property whilst searching for some ghostly paranormal activity, then look no further, take part in fantastic events for all to remember.

From creepy asylums to foreboding Castles, as you enter our haunted venues for the night will you see a ghostly spectre, hear scary footsteps and eerie discarnate voices within the darkness or experience terrifying poltergeist activity?

Join us for scary and ghostly experiences of fear and excitement for all, the perfect alternative to a usual night out, as so many of our guests that return time after time can vouch for.

Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced investigator, we welcome all, join us on one of our many paranormal investigations where you may be witness to some paranormal encounters.

Take part in exciting vigils and séances within the most haunted of places and experience a night with us never ever to be forgotten!

Organisers of overnight spirit hunting events, haunted weekend breaks, paranormal nights, scary sleepovers, guided walks, paranormal tours, psychic development workshops, psychic fairs, spooky themed festivals and & corporate booking at some of the most haunted places in the UK

Dusk Till Dawn Events The Ghost Hunting Company are the UKs leading Paranormal Investigation Experience Organisers, take a look from our range of events and see if there is a ghost hunt near you, Book online today!


Coronavirus & Omicron Update

We continue to follow any latest guidance given, should there be any future changes, if required we will contact you personally via email 

Please note currently the wearing of face coverings on our events is advised, please continue to social distance whilst inside our locations, along with the use of hand sanitiser for health and safety, thank you.



Big thank you to Dave and Danny, this was my first time ghost hunting with Dusk Till Dawn and I really enjoyed the evening. The second half in groups was the highlight of the evening with activity felt through the voices and the Ouija board, two ladies were very in touch with Emily. Will definitely look for another event. - Diane 

Four Crosses Ghost Hunting Nights


My son and myself joined Kelly and Julie last night for an awesome ghost hunt at The Old House, King Edward VII Science & Sport College, Coalville. It was very professional, We got lots of spooky activity with the Ouija board, sounds and cold spots. It was our first time to go on one of these events and it definitely won't be our last, thank you so much for making it a fantastic experience for us both. - Tracy

The Old House Coalville Paranormal Event


I would like thank all the team at Dusk Till Dawn for one of the best nights at Margam Castle, activity from beginning to end. - Gill

Margam Castle Wales Haunted Nights


Thank you to everyone it was great to be back again in one of my favourite locations we had very interesting activity at times. Especially in the chapel area. Hope to be on another event soon. - Claire

Woodchester Mansion Paranormal Tour


Amazing night at Newsham Park once again, massive thanks to Kelly, Dave and Rob. The Dusk Till Dawn Team always go above and beyond. Loved the vigil with all the equipment, can't wait to see if we got anything on our EVP. - Jess

Newsham Park Hospital Asylum Liverpool Paranormal Nights


Thanks for another great night guys, especially Anne she always keeps us entertained and a brilliant ghost hunting experience, St Johns was a great location, you were all awesome. - Joanne

St Johns House Scary Nights Event


Had a fantastic haunted weekend break at pendle hill first ghost hunting event with you guys but won’t be the last loved every minute. Jess, Nathan and Tom could not have been better hosts, always around to answer any questions we had thanks again, thanks again for a fantastic haunted weekend. - Deb

Pendle Hill Witch Haunted Ghost Hunting Weekends


What an amazing night exceeded all my expectations the host's Kym & Steve were brilliant can't wait to go on another spooky hunt with these guys, so much happened I loved the table tipping & Ouija board, also I was the human pendulum wow what an experience, for mine & my sisters first ghostly night event we were not disappointed, crystals falling over, table moving all over the place, shadows, voices and much more, thanks again Kym & Steve. - Julie

Steelhouse Lane Police Station Paranormal Nights


I had the pleasure of joining your team for an investigation of Nottingham Galleries of Justice.
Having taken part in many such events before and with many different companies, I was so impressed by how organised the night was and how well the event was run by your company, so much better than any other investigations I have attended. - Lou

Galleries of Justice Nottingham Haunted Nights Out


A big thank you for an excellent night at the Four Crosses
Lots of activity and a real eye opener! - Steve and Jeff

Four Crosses Paranormal Nights


Was with you guys at Newsham Park Asylum what a night, you were a great team. The paranormal activity with the Ouija board was mind blowing! - Stacey

Newsham Park Asylum Liverpool Ghost Hunting


Tonight was our first evening with DTD at Dudley Castle and it was fantastic
So much so in fact that I’ve booked again!
Thank you to all of the team. - Craig

Dudley Castle Paranormal Tours


Hi just attended the ghost hunt at Ashwell Prison
Very good evening and enjoyed it very much, the whole evening was very professionally run - Neil

Ashwell Prison Paranormal Haunted Nights


Was fantastic, the table tipping was awesome, I still cannot get over how it just stopped and started when we asked it to, as it was tipping and then just stopped about 12 inches from the floor!!!!! Loved the pendulums too they were great! A really well organised event and dare I say it as I spent most of the night with my heart in my mouth but I'd love to join you for another one!!! Thanks again. - Kay

Drakelow Tunnels Paranormal Investigation


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