Ghost Hunting FAQs

 1. Is there any age limit of who can attend these event?
The age limit is 18 years and over please visit our Terms and Conditions page.

2. Do you issue tickets?
Once you have booked and paid a deposit for your chosen Ghost Hunt with Dusk Till Dawn Events you will be sent an email confirming your booking.Once you have paid in full you will receive another confirmation email from us and shortly after you will be sent full event / information / booking details which will be sent via PDF format to your given email address at the time of booking. Please ensure you have given us the correct email address. The PDF is sent to you regarding all details for the event such as times what to wear and address etc - we do not require to see this on the night of the event as once you have booked your chosen event you will be placed onto our guest list.
3. Will there be a Medium at the event?
All Dusk Till Dawn Events ghost hunts are hosted by experienced Hosts and Professional Psychic/Clairvoyant Mediums.However during our Scary Nights Events a Medium(s) may not always be present - but as usual you will be in very safe hands with our experienced Hosts who have a wealth of knowledge and are fully trained in all aspects of professional public ghost hunting events and experience nights.
4. What do I need to bring with me to a Ghost Hunt?
As a lot of the locations that Dusk Till Dawn Events Investigate are very old with uneven flooring We advise all people attending an event to wear sturdy footwear. The essential item for any Ghost Hunt is a torch as most Investigations are carried out in complete darkness Dusk Till Dawn Events ask that all Guests bring a torch for safety.You may also want to bring along your Camera, Camcorder etc you never know you may catch something on film!Tea Coffee and Biscuits are always provided on our events to keep you going throughout the night also.
5. Can I sleep at an event?
No we do not provide sleeping facilities our events involve being awake all night - unless advertised on the event.
6. Will I see a Ghost?
Unfortunately the paranormal will not just happen on command but using psychic experiments and experienced hosts at our events who will encourage spirit activity and place you in areas that they know are paranormally active our events do not normally disappoint although in the world of spirit nothing is ever guaranteed!
7.What should I do if I cant make it to an event?
If you cannot attend on the night of the event please contact Dusk Till Dawn Events as soon as possible on 07875354591 and let us know - ( please see our terms and conditions regarding cancellations )  as we will need to let a member of our staff know that you will not be attending.