39 De Grey Hull

39 De Grey Street Hull creepy and very active building - a place which is fast becoming known as Hulls most haunted property!

This 7 bed roomed house now dubbed the Hostel is said to be home to many strong and evil dark energies.  

This property has caught our attention due to the mass media coverage it has been receiving as of late along with the many reports of poltergeist type activity inside its very walls.

Inside the house, doors have been reported to have opened and closed by themselves, candles are said to have been mysteriously blown out, items of furniture are said to have been moved and dragged along the floor with force - along with the most recent terrifying report of a man who was said to have been physically dragged out a chair by unseen  hands whilst in the property!

Spend the night with us as we try to uncover the secrets of this macabre property and the dark energies that are said to reside here...


Dusk Till Dawn Events will be returning to this venue soon.

To register your interest in attending a Ghost Hunt at this location please contact us for further information.

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39 De Grey Street The Hostel Ghost Hunt Hull

39 De Grey Street The Hostel Ghost Hunt Hull

Thursday 31st December 2020

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