39 De Grey Street Hull Ghost Hunts

39 De Grey Street Hull Ghost Hunts


The houses on De Grey Street were built in 1847.

The house is privately owned, and the owner will not stay in the house. He has covered the mirrors in the home, due to the things he has seen in them, after being told they are a portal to the other side. He prefers not to be left alone in the house, due to his own personal experiences.

Paranormal Activity

The house has been named ‘The Hostel’ by locals, due to the foreboding and terrifying atmosphere inside the building.

Many of the reports are of physical activity, including a lady who was pulled by the legs across the landing, a man being pushed out of one of the bedrooms by unseen hands, chairs moving on their own, objects flying across the kitchen and in the attic and someone being pulled out of the chair they were sat in down in the dining room.

Alongside these terrifying physical occurences, people have seen dark shadow figures, ominous voices shouting from the darkened corners of the house, screaming from the attic and foul smells that cannot be explained.

Police have been called to the property, and had to break in, due to children being seen in the glassless windows, standing staring out to the street alone in the dark house.

39 De Grey Street Hull creepy and very active building - a place which is fast becoming known as Hulls most haunted property!

This 7 bed roomed house now dubbed the Hostel is said to be home to many strong and evil dark energies.  

This property has caught our attention due to the mass media coverage it has been receiving as of late along with the many reports of poltergeist type activity inside its very walls.

Inside the house, doors have been reported to have opened and closed by themselves, candles are said to have been mysteriously blown out, items of furniture are said to have been moved and dragged along the floor with force - along with the most recent terrifying report of a man who was said to have been physically dragged out a chair by unseen  hands whilst in the property!

Spend the night with us as we try to uncover the secrets of this macabre property and the dark energies that are said to reside here...


Dusk Till Dawn Events maybe returning to this venue soon.

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