Abington Park Museum Ghost Hunts

Abington Park Museum Ghost Hunts Northampton

Abington Park Museum Ghost Hunts Northampton with Dusk till Dawn Events The Ghost Hunting Company

Join Dusk Till Dawn Events on a night of scary ghost hunting at Northampton’s former Asylum building, Abington Park House Museum.

This Tudor property which is grade l listed building and situated in Northampton’s old Abington Park is said to be incredibly haunted by many different ghosts and spirits within. The property is used for the Northamptonshire Regiment also.

The building, which was originally a residential manor house was built at the start of the 16th century, however the Great Hall, now called the Oak Room because of its oak panelling walls, dates right back to 1500.

Once the home to William Shakespeare’s own Granddaughter Elizabeth Bernard née Elizabeth Hal, (who is buried in the nearby church) in the mid-17th century, the manor house was sold in 1841 to become an Asylum, once known as Abington Abbey and was ran as such for many years by Doctor Thomas Octavius Pritchard, the Asylum then closed its doors in 1892 before lastly becoming a museum in 1994.

The museum houses a room full of Victorian curios along with a 19th century costume gallery, some believe that objects and artifacts hold energy from their former owners and surroundings, could these items be a source of the many ghostly happenings here.

Not surprisingly given its dark historical past, there are many eerie tales and stories regarding witnessed ghostly apparitions, sightings, paranormal activity and spirits at this location.

Staff and visitors alike have reported loud footsteps, often heard when no one has been present in the various rooms and corridors, along with odd, strange, unexplained noises that many are said to have experienced inside this old property.

Once dusk falls, are you brave enough to enter this creepy, atmospheric, former asylum building where you will have the chance to investigate its many rooms, halls and corridors, some areas not usually accessible to visitors during the daytime hours! 


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Abington Park Museum Ghost Hunt - Ghost Hunts

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