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Alton Towers Ruin Ghost Hunts Staffordshire

The Alton Towers is a semi-ruined gothic revival country house in Staffordshire.

Situated in the centre of the well known theme park Alton Towers the Towers are a reminder of the Alton family that once lived here before the park became the well known tourist attraction that we all know today.

The towers has been occupied for over 1000 years and dates back to the Middle Ages.

Originally this was a fort for the Saxon King Ceolred of Mercia, following a major horrific and deadly battle the fort was named Slain Hollow. The towers have been added to and built on over the years, but has housed many royalty and nobility. One such owner was a Knight of the Holy Crusaders.

Around the 15th Century Alton Towers became the home of the Talbot family and was passed down through the generations. Although many of those who came to own the property died at a young age.

Originally the estate was expansive and covered a greater area of Alton. However, as we reach the 18th century parts of the estate were sold off, until 1921 when the final part was sold completely, following the death of Countess Talbot, to local business men. The decision was taken to open the estate to the people, with cafes and toilets being built.

During the Second World War the towers were turned in to a training facility for soldiers.

Paranormal Activity

With such a rich history, the towers themselves and the land are unsurprisingly haunted.

Within the grounds the sounds of horses have been heard, and the sounds of men shouting, when you look around there is no one there.

A beggar woman has been seen and can be heard talking to herself or muttering as you walk by her. Many have seen her so clearly they believed she was part of the theme park.

Many people have an uneasy feeling when walking the grounds and house in the dark. Like you are somewhere you are not meant to be. This has been linked to a curse put on the grounds in 1821 by a woman who was ignored by all who saw her.

Ghost Hunts at this venue have been very scary with heavy doors closing of their own accord along with the apparition of a Woman dressed in black seen on the upper floors.Poltergeist stone throwing has also been reported in the banqueting suite during previous overnight investigations.

A night at the Towers is for the very brave only; why not see if you can spend the night from late dusk to early dawn at this haunted location.

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