Ancient Ram Inn Ghost Hunts

Ancient Ram Inn Ghost Hunts

Ancient Ram Inn Ghost Hunts with Dusk Till Dawn Events The Ghost Hunting Company

Dusk Till Dawn Events invites you to take part in a ghost hunt at the Ancient Ram Inn.

Join us for the night as we take you to this renowned haunted building for a unique ghost hunting experience to remember!

Investigated by the popular Ghost Adventures team, the Ancient Ram Inn is a grade II listed building which dates back to the 12th century.

Once a former inn, the building is located in Wotton under Edge in Gloucestershire.

The Ancient Ram Inn is reputed to be one of the most haunted buildings in England and is well known for housing many ghostly entities.

Thought to be built on a pagan burial site and standing on ley lines - running via Ley Farm and Hetty Peglard Tramp, a Stone Age burial mound, some say that this could possibly be the reason for so much paranormal activity within the building.

Numerous bodies are said to be buried beneath the very building and poltergeist type activity has been seen by many visitors to the location.

Items and furniture have been witnessed moving by themselves and heavy thudding footsteps have been heard and strongly felt underfoot.

The barn in particular has in the past been a well known area for poltergeist activity with items being thrown and people being pushed and touched - the Bishop’s room is also thought to be a vortex to at least nine different spirit energies.

If you feel you have the staying power to last the night inside this very atmospheric location - then join us for a unique and intense Ghost Hunting experience at this very haunted building.

Dusk Till Dawn Events have this unique building for an entire night’s investigation and you have the chance to join in your very own Ghost Hunt at one of the UK's most haunted locations.

You will have full use of ghost hunting equipment and you can take part in various experiments such as Table Tipping and Glass Divination and watch and wait vigils throughout the night in the most active parts of the location.

Join us if you dare!

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Ancient Ram Inn Ghost Hunt - Ghost Hunts Gloucestershire

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