Ashbourne Town Hall Ghost Hunts

Ashbourne Town Hall Ghost Hunts Derbyshire

Ashbourne Town Hall Ghost Hunts

There are said to have been many strange, unexplained, occurrences that have happened at the reputedly haunted Ashbourne Town Hall Derbyshire 

Join Dusk Till Dawn Events for a night of scary ghost hunting inside this old Victorian building as we attempt to communicate with the many ghostly energies within. 

Ashbourne town hall is situated in the historic market town of Ashbourne in the Derbyshire Dales, built in the year 1861 by Benjamin Wilson and erected on the site of the former old Talbot Inn.

The building was originally built for the purpose of holding meetings for the people of Ashbourne, the town council chambers are still a part of the building and can still be seen today. 

This location with its creepy rooms and areas is well known for eerie, discarnate, voices that have been heard within the darkness and many have captured and recorded these ghostly voices on EVP also.
Feelings of being watched by an unseen presence in many of the other rooms has also been reported.

The Ballroom area, has given good paranormal activity during past investigations and many visitors here, have reported dark, moving, shadow figures and have experienced large temperature drops also.

Ghostly figures and haunting faces are said to have been seen, peering out of the top windows of the building by passers-by - are these the ghosts and spirits that remain inside this old Town Hall, spend the night once darkness falls, as we go in search of the many ghostly entities that are said to haunt this foreboding building.

Dusk Till Dawn Events have this unique building for an entire night’s investigation and you have the chance to join in your very own Ghost Hunt at one of the UK's Most Haunted Locations.

You will have full use of Ghost Hunting Equipment and you can take part in various experiments such as Table Tipping and Glass Divination and watch and wait vigils throughout the night in the most active parts of the location.

This really is ghost hunting at its best at such a fantastic haunted location but remember there may be no heating at this building. It may be very cold also very dark so wrap up warm and bring torches.

Please bring your own hot/cold drinks and snacks with you as we are unable to provide these currently due to health and safety. Strictly no alcohol thank you.

Join us if you dare!

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