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Ashwell Prison Ghost Hunts with Dusk Till Dawn Events


The site was originally a World War 2 army base for the 82nd Airborne Division. When it was no longer needed for War purposes, it was turned in to a category C men’s prison and only closed in 2013. It was only closed due to a massive riot breaking out in the prison, with so much damage being made to the property it became difficult to see why it should be fixed.  It was therefore closed and brought by the council and many areas have now been turned in to a business centre.

The prison has a troubled past, with some damage to offices and computers amounting the £10,000 in 2003, following a prison guard accusing a prisoner of drinking alcohol in their cell.

2005 following inspection reports, the prison had to underdo more works and training for the staff, as those who were vulnerable or of any racial minority where not being properly looked after. Often falling foul to malice by both staff and prisoners.

Paranormal Activity

Footsteps have been heard throughout the prison, either gong past you as you sit in a cell or coming up quickly behind you. Almost like someone is coming quickly to put you back in the cell.

Shadows have been seen the corners, cowering away from any light and passersby. Other tall shadow figures have been seen walking the cells and corridors, pacing back and forth. They have a foreboding feeling and, once seen, seem to double and triple in number. Like they are watching you, or surrounding you.

The figure of a soldier has been seen, and the sounds of men talking and rushing around have been heard in many areas.


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