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Bannockburn House Ghost Hunts Sterling Scotland

Bannockburn House is a well-known haunted location found in woodland surroundings in Stirling Scotland and has a great history attached to it. There are also 25 acres of grounds and gardens which can be found around the house and five Giant Redwood trees named “The Five Sisters” can be seen, the trees are thought to have been planted in the 1880’s making them around 150 years old.

Looks wise this 17th century Jacobean building sends shivers down for your spine, this dark and impressive house is extremely atmospheric, giving the feel and vibe of a typical haunted house laying abandoned lost within the woods.

Many spirits are thought to still dwell here in the various parts of the location. Visiting psychics and mediums have sensed a cook, a military man and a gentleman who isn’t particularly friendly and the ghosts of children are also thought to frequent here often.

Lots of strange occurrences have been reported over the years, loud bangs, knocks and moving tables whilst table tipping has been known, the bangs are always unexplained and can never be debunked. Loud walking footsteps are also heard, in the upper section of the building.

Historically, there are links to Bonnie Prince Charlie, who is said to have resided here. Bannockburn house even survived a fire that was contained thankfully to just one room, the house has remained mostly the same without many changes to it over the years and is being lovingly restored by volunteers to bring it back to its former glory.

With lots of original features from the 17th century still intact such as its beautiful and grand staircase, fire surrounds and mosaic tiles, there are a plethora of rooms such as the Laundry Room, the Kitchen, the Blue Room, Bonnie Prince Charlies Bedroom, the Drawing Room and much more!

If you like to be scared and enjoy spooky paranormal activity, then this just maybe the house that you are looking for!

Join us if you dare!

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Bannockburn House Sterling Scotland Ghost Hunt - Ghost Hunts

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