Beaumanor Hall Ghost Hunts

Beaumanor Hall Loughborough Leicestershire
Beaumanor Hall a Grade ll listed building, is a very grand old property, situated within a large parkland area and can be found close to the Charnwood Forest, near to Loughborough Leicestershire, UK

Architect William Railton built Beaumanor Hall between 1842 and 1854 when it was finally completed for the Herrick family to reside in.
It remained privately owned by the Herrick family until the War office requisitioned the building and grounds for WW2. It was turned in to a secret listening station and used to intercept the encrypted enemy signals. These were also known as Y Stations.

The Hall is vast in size, with an abundance of cellars which cover beneath the whole property, the massive cellars were once used as electricians workshops and within the grounds of the house there are some out buildings and barns still standing today that were built to disguise the use of the building from enemy planes during war-time, these were also used as workshops, housing aerial riggers, barrack store, offices, transport garage and a mechanics laboratory.

Paranormal Activity

This is truely a formiddable location, particularly in the dead of night to visit, many ghostly apparitions have been sighted here, one in particular on the grand stair case by a member of staff, along with whispered discarnate heard voices also, in the oppresive servants quarters, heavy footed boots have been heard walking the stairways and corridors when no one was there! A dominent male spirit has been reported at the top of the servants stairwell, making visitors feel uneasy as he walks close by! This really is a very atmospheric location, one for all avid ghost hunting enthusiasts to investigate!


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