Belgrave Hall Ghost Hunts


Belgrave Hall Ghost Hunts Leicestershire


The Hall was built as a home, as the acquisition of land in 1709. The hall has been sold privately many times over the years to families who have lived in and loved this house. Some additions have been made, including the building of Belgrave house.

Some of the notable family’s who have owned the property are: Edmond Craddock, John and Helen Simons, William Vann, Richard and Richard Vann, and John Ellis. The property was finally sold to the County Council.

Paranormal Activity

CCTV footage has been seen from the security teams of light figures walking past the camera in the grounds of the house. Whilst another camera caught a 6 foot shadow figure hovering outside one of the windows at the back of the house.

The grounds have been known to have people walking around and talking. Or chasing each other and playing. Both the sounds of women and children have been heard in the grounds.

Many staff working at Belgrave Hall have reported activity, from sounds, footsteps, talking, and objects moving around the house or going missing completely. Some have experienced their own name called from down a long corridor or from within a room, and upon investigation found there was no one there.  

People have also seen a woman walking through the house, believing a member of the public had not left, they would go after her, only to see her disappear in an upstairs room.


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