Bisham Abbey Ghost Hunts

Bisham Abbey Buckinghamshire Ghost Hunts


The Abbey was originally a Tudor house and was build for a subordinate group of the Knights Templar. When the Knights Templar were suppressed, the house was turned in to a Priory in 1337.

King Edward II used the manor house as a prison for Queen Elizabeth of Scotts and her female relatives. For 200 years after this it was a family home for the Montacutes family, who became the Earl of Salisbury.

With the rein of King Henry the VIII the prior was taken and the King decided to turn it in to an Abbey. It was a Benedictine abbey and is said to have been cursed by the Abbot, John Cordery.

The Abbey has a long and regal past, as both a Catholic Priory, an Abbey, a home and a prison for the wealthy and royal. Alongside off of these are said to be to graves of many of the former owners, or important people within the area.
Paranormal Activity

There is a grim and grizzly story connected to the Abbey. One of the lady owners Elizabeth Hoby tied one of her youngest children to a chair in his room, so he could not remove himself. She left for a social engagement and was gone for weeks. When she returned to the house all but her small boy William greeted her. When she asked her staff after his whereabouts, they said ‘we thought he was with you’. Realising what had happened she ran upstairs to find her boy still tied to the chair, dead.

She is said to be seen running trough the house and wailing uncontrollably, stuck with the torment of her actions.

The sounds of crying and screaming have been heard within the Abbey.

Large shadows have been seen, walking in a long line. Like the monks are back, and heading for prayers. Chanting can sometimes also be heard within the depths of the house.


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