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Bishton Hall in Staffordshire is a Georgian Mansion, built in the 1700’s and surrounded by majestic gardens and creepy woodlands and is also Grade ll Listed and has even been mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086.

Once used as a former school, this is a property full of history to the brim with many original features to be found, several important families have owned and lived at Bishton Hall, over the years, its a vast Mansion house containing 17 bedrooms, front rooms and servants quarters.

Miss Charlotte Sparrow a former owner is thought to haunt the building, Charlotte never married to ensure that the hall would always stay within her family name and helped to preserve the building with repairs and renovations, adding the east and west wings to the house following the death of her father John Sparrow, Charlotte is a favourite resident spirit who is thought to have communicated with the many ghost hunters that have visited here over the years.

This imposing property is large with an abundance of rooms to explore, in the lower depths the dark, chilling cellars can be found, as well as many attic bedrooms and corridors, Bishton Hall also has its own unique temple, and pet cemetery for the loved animals that once lived at the hall, both of which which can be found in the woodland, grounds and gardens.

There has been much ghostly activity reported here from past investigations, such as the voices of children heard within the darkness, items moving of their own accord, along with loud knocks and bangs heard throughout the hall, join us for a ghost hunt like no other as we go in search of the ghost energies from the past.

During your ghost hunt at this intrepid location, you will have the chance to use ghost hunting equipment, along the chance to take part in seances and vigils in the most active parts of this property. Keep your wits about you at all times as the lights are turned off and the investigation begins. You have the chance to discover the many rooms in this abandoned old house for a whole night of ghost hunting. Will the spirits and ghostly energies make themselves known as we enter the dark passage ways and the abundance of areas all waiting for you upon nightfall!


Join us if you dare!

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Bishton Hall Ghost Hunt - Ghost Hunts

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