Blackfriars Priory Ghost Hunts

Blackfriars Priory Ghost Hunts Gloucestershire


The Monastery known as Blackfriars due to the black cloaks that the Friars wore is one of the most complete surviving Friaries and is built on an area that was once a former Norman Castle.

Dating back to the 12th Century this atmospheric, medieval Priory can be found in the heart of the City of Gloucester.

Black Friars were originally a group of people who were founded in 1217 to fight the twins of evil – Heresy and Doubt. The Friars acted as evangelists and would travel, sleep and live together. Aiming to educate all them came in to contact with.

The Priory was founded and Friars took their monastic vows, and would attend services at the church 9 times a day. The friars would receive sizable gifts for their confession for the wealthy of the area.

In 1991, when investigating the history of the grounds of the priory, a cemetery was found. There were the graves of men, women and children. There is speculation that the monastery was once used by the friars as a hospital for the families of their benefactors.

By the 16th century the house was beginning to fall in to disrepair and many of the friars had now left. With only 6 remaining and living is absolute poverty. When monasteries were dissolved Sit Thomas Bell brought the property and turned it in to a cloth factory.

The building then became the home to many wealthy families over time, until finally becoming part of the councils property list.
Paranormal Activity

Given the genteel nature of the priory and the monks who inhabited the place for such a long time, it is strange the activity reported at this location is so macabre.

One such event is that of a monk who is seen regularly around the prior, covered in blood. No one has managed to find out what happened to him, often the very sight of him has people running in fear.

Chanting and footsteps can be heard, and doors are known to lock all by themselves. So be careful you don’t get locked in, you don’t know who you will be locked in with!


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