Bodmin Jail Ghost Hunts

Bodmin Jail Cornwall Ghost Hunting Events


Bodmin jail dates back to 1778, and at the time it was built was like no other. The jail was built to be well lit with light, and allow the flow of air, therefore providing a cleaner space for the prisoners. Men and women were housed in completely different areas, as were the serious offenders and the debtors.

There was a decline in prisoners around the time of the Napoleonic war, but following the end of the war, crime saw a massive increase and prisons soon became full again. During this time new legislation was passed that saw the classification of prisoners to be segregated go from 4 (men, women, felons and debtors) to 20, these included men, women, felons, debtors, remanded, convicted, misdemeanants, and vagrants.  

This meant new sections had to be added to the jail, seeing its growth through 1850 to 1929 when it was finally sold.

The jail saw 60 executions on the site. Death was by hanging over a long drop. This was positioned at the south side of the jail. This allowed for better viewing access for the public, who could gather around the side of the jail and view the hangings.

Paranormal Activity

Many spirit people have been seen with surprising clarity. People have found themselves answering questions from spirit, only to later watch them disappear before them, or walk through areas the living cannot access

There is a very eerie feeling as you walk the grounds and see the places where so many people were hung. You can still hear the pitiful sounds of moaning and crying coming from these areas.

A lady has been seen walking through the jail professing her innocence and will follow pregnant women especially, trying to get them to listen to her.

Footsteps can be heard, along with the sounds of fast running.

Many people have sat inside the cells, only to leave again when they feel they are no longer sat there alone. With the sounds of someone sat very close, and heavy, rasping and very loud breathing down your ear. 


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