Bolebroke Castle East Sussex Ghost Hunts

Bolebroke Castle East Sussex Ghost Hunts


Bolebrook castle was built in 1480, originally as a hunting lodge. It is reported that King Henry VIII stayed at the castle when he would go hunting in the local area.

Still standing, many of the features inside the building are original, with some furniture dating back to the 16th century. This truly is a Castle that time forgot.

Paranormal Activity

When entering this magnificent building, you can not help but be awe inspired by the originality of the property and the dated features. But upon staying the night, the home changes and starts to come back to life again. Many guests who have been brave enough to stay the night have been so terrified that they have upped and left during the night.

There is a great deal of residual energy about the property, with a lady being seen walking through the house, but when you call after her, she continues like you are not there andappears to not see you. Her underskirts can be heard catching on the floor as she walks, but she does not seem interested in talking or responding.

A nun has been seen, normally you will experience a sudden drop in temperature and feel the presence of someone coming up behind you. Then you will see her. She is said to be looking for someone, and will walk up to visitors standing on their own, to see if it is you that she is looking for.

The sounds of male voices and moans have been heard around the stairs and in the hall. This spirit seems a little annoyed at the presence of people in his home, and has been known to push unsuspecting people.


Dusk Till Dawn Events maybe returning to this venue soon.

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