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Bolling Hall Ghost Hunts Bradford


This private home was the residence of 2 main families over its 500-year history. The Bollings and the Tempests. The home changed hands man, many times after the last of the Tempest line had died. But was later turned in to a museum and educational centre, which is what remans to this day.

Bolling Hall is decorated and furnished in keeping with the period of time as it would have been, when once a family home and gives a true feel for what life would have been like.

Paranormal Activity

This old hall has a true haunted reputation, with over 20 full bodied apparitions being seen here.

Doors have been known to slowly creak open upon request and many apparitions have been seen at this site since 1643, so as you can see Bolling Hall has a long history of haunting people and scaring all those who have come to stay there. Reports have been made of the bed covers being pulled off people as they sleep, to seeing spirit people standing and sobbing in the corners of the rooms. Like they are still in some turmoil, all these years later.

Female spirits have been seen walking through the hall and within the grounds. Some have said they have witnessed a worried looking woman walking towards them, saying ‘pity poor Bradford’, over and over as she stands ever closer to you.

Others have heard the sounds of men shouting and running. These are believed to be the spirits of wars of old that were fought here.

Clothes have been known to be pulled, and the sensation of being following. There is certainly someone or a number of people trying to get the attention of anyone brave enough to stay in the home once it gets dark.


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