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Bolton Castle Ghost Hunts with Dusk Till Dawn Events

Bolton Castle is Grade l listed and was built in the 13th century by Richard, 1st Baron Scrope of Bolton and can be found in Wensleydale Yorkshire. There is a village nearby which was named after the castle called Castle Bolton.

 A Scheduled Ancient Monument, the castle, although it was damaged in the English Civil War, most of it survived and it remains in the ownership of the Scrope family of descendants to this day.

In the 16th century Mary Queen of Scots was held captive at Bolton Castle for six months of her life, however legend has it that Mary escaped from the castle and travelled to nearby Leyburn, losing her shawl on the way, there is now a cliff edge known as “The Shawl” leading out of Leyburn, said to be an area which has beautiful views and surroundings which many people visit.

Bolton Castle is an impressive, intimidating sight to see, with huge stone walls, within its stunning grounds and gardens, a maze can be found and viewed, a stocked herb garden, a meadow of wildflowers, a rose garden can also be seen, the castle even has its own a vineyard on site. Discover the Old Kitchen, Solar Room, Nursery, Amory, Great Chamber and Mary Queen of Scots bedroom when you become a paranormal investigator for the night.

Many television productions have been filmed here such as the films “Ivanhoe” and “Elizabeth” not to mention the well loved tv series Heartbeat and All Creatures Great and Small.

The castle is vast in size, with spiral staircases that take you to each spooky floor level, beautiful tapestries hanging on the walls can be seen in the great hall, a dungeon and dark scary stables are all to be discovered on the lower areas of the castle, this a real gem of a building for paranormal investigators and anyone fascinated by hauntings and historical places such as this.

Bolton Castle has a reputation for being extremely haunted, as the castle has had many visitors to its grand estate, it is not surprising that the energies have lingered here over the passage of time, there are reports of apparitions and many a ghostly figure sighted.

A Woman in a long black cloak is a well-known resident spirit to the castle, she was reportedly witnessed by the current Lord Bolton, she is one of the frequent phantoms seen here, some say that this is the ghostly figure of Mary Queen of Scots.

Other scary tales revolve around a four-poster bed that is found in Mary Queen of Scots bedchamber; the bed was given as a gift to the castle as the previous owners of the bed all had terrible nightmares whilst sleeping in it. Following strange activity once the bed had been placed in the bedchamber, two exorcisms were carried out at the castle, however both exorcisms failed, even Lord Bolton’s dogs growled and barked at the bed as if they could sense or see something, after this event, not one soul has ever been brave enough to sleep in the reputedly haunted bed alone for the night.


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