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This stunning farm building was originally established as a Benedictine Priory in 1154.

The former priory has a long and dark past, seemingly always forsaken. The great famine of 1316 hit the area very hard and many of the monks died of starvation. Following this came the Black Death, almost all of the monks died from the deadly disease. The Black Death had hit the monks so hard that there was a new leniency given, so monks of illegitimate birth could be a Benedictine Monk at this priory.

For seemingly no reason the numbers of monks always struggled, there are very few records over this time, but the priory seems to have something dark and sinister about it that means the monks just did not stay for very long. This become such as issue that the Bishop of Lincoln came to see what was happening. New leniencies were put in to place to try and drive up the numbers.

The priory managed to hang on until the 16th century, but the conditions were shocking. The building was all but derelict and the monks very barely able to keep going. Due to this the Lord of the Manor took back the priory and it was changed in to a manor home.

The house went through serious remodeling, with new walls and buildings being added. Once this was completed the home changed hands a number of times to be privately owned as a manor house for the wealthy.  

Finally this became a farm house and although many of the features of the original priory are no longer there, the house is built on the same grounds and using the material. Making this a truly interesting and eerie place.

Paranormal Activity

With a history steeped in death and damnation, it is no wonder there have been rumors the land must be cursed. Once the priory was destroyed and the monks left, this became a much loved home. So it seems there is a very real curse working against those of the cloth!

A dark feeling can be found within the house, if you spend time there quietly waiting and watching. There are the sounds of moans and groans and a feeling of being grabbed, like someone suffering is reaching out towards you for help!

Monks have been seen, sat, huddled over like dark shadows, lost and cold in many parts of the property.

A lady has been known to hold open doors for you, and when you turn to say thank you, she has disappeared. She is described as a friendly and helpful woman, who can be heard laughing.

For those who stand and wait, there have been feelings of an electric shock up their arms, when there is nothing and no one around them. This is often preceded by a feeling of someone standing very close to you. 


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