Bron Y Garth Hospital and Prison Ghost Hunts

Bron Y Garth Hospital and Prison Ghost Hunts Wales

The Bron Y Gargh Hospital and Prison in Wales is a must do location for all ghost hunting fans, from the moment you enter this building you are immediately taken back, almost as if time has stood still. 

Once a workhouse for the poor and homeless, along with time spent as a care home and hospital, the history of this vast property speaks volumes giving a real insight into how life once was behind the walls of this intimidating Victorian building.

A dark daunting prison can be found here also with all original features, one can only imagine how it would have been to have been imprisoned inside there. Inmates had to break rocks into small pebbles in return for a meal, life was very harsh for those were unfortunate to be incarnated, however living in the workhouse must not have been easy either for men, women and children alike.

The creepy morgue is still accessible in the grounds, haunting wards and scary rooms can be found also, many strange occurrences such as children’s laughter and a male spirit who likes to make himself known, just some of the activity reported here.

Join us if you dare!

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Bron Y Garth Ghost Hunt - Ghost Hunts Wales

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