Burton Court Leominster

Burton Court Leominster Ghost Hunts


Burton Court situated in Leominster is a magnificent building to view, there has been a house on this land since the 11th century, although the current manor was built in the 14th century, various add ons to the propery were added in 1912.

The Brewster family were notable owners of the property and were scholars and academics by nature. Although the men of the house being afflicted and lame had assisted in this line of family endeavor.

The house was owned by many families over the years and a great many servants were responsible for the up keep of this expansive home.

Paranormal Activity

There have been many reports of poltergeist activity at the house for many years. With seances being a popular parlour game for those who could afford it, this home has seen its fair share of people interested in paranormal investigating for a long, long time.

The dark and chilling cellar appears to be a hot bed of activity, where chairs seems to move on their own and items either move or disappear completely.

Others have reported seeing stones fly past them as they walk down the steps into the cellar or as they are about to leave. Like someone or something is trying to get your attention.

Lights have been seen too, and full-bodied apparitions have been seen in many areas of the house. One of the famous spirits is that of a maid, who seems to guide the lost, but where she wants to lead you, no one knows, as she disappears before you get there. She turns to give a cheeky smile and then vanishes completely. She seems particularly interested in luring young men away from their friends or away from others to be alone with them.

Unfortunatlly ghost hunting & paranormal events are no longer being held at this location due to the owners request.

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