Castell Coch Ghost Hunts

Castell Coch Tongwynlais Cardiff Ghost Hunts


Castell Coch is Welsh for Red Castle. First built in 1081 following the newly conquered town and control the routes around the castle, this was later abandoned, although there no records to show as to why this happened.

The land surrounding the castle was acquired in 1227 and the castle was rebuilt and accrued as part of this, and used to fortify the land. Gilbert de Clare claimed ownership of the town and surrounding areas. His family kept this until the year 1314 when there was a rebellion in the area and the castle and land were taken back by the local people.

Later the castle fell in to ruins, becoming part of a massive estate established though marriage of 2 large families and land owners in South Wales.

In more recent history the Bute family had owned the property, with the death of Lord Bute, his widow moved to the castle and remained there in mourning for her husband. Her and her daughter kept charge over the vineyards until the First World War when a shortage of sugar brough the wine making to a halt.

From 1972 there have been conservative efforts to establish the castle back to its former glory. There have been many issues with damp, and many of the original furniture and items from within the castle have been sold. But many have been brought back to the castle and put back into their original location.

Paranormal Activity

One of the many spirits seen at this location is that of a lady, who has been seen wailing and screaming. She has been seen on the stairs and within the bedrooms, sat wailing into her hands, with a cry of real pain.

One of the famous stories of the areas is that of a boy, who fell in to a large hole in the grounds of the castle, his body was never recovered. His mother was said to have been so completely heart broken that she died just days later. She has been seen since, walking the grounds, crying and calling for her child, sadly as though she is still looking for his body, unable to rest until his little body is buried properly.

Many strange lights have been seen here, and strangely electrical devices go out without any explanation.

Shadow figures have been seen walking in the house and standing looking over at you.

The feeling of the house can go from calm and relaxed to tense and thick in no time, followed by a drop in temperature and then strong smells fill the room as the atmosphere gets thicker, before it seemingly passes. Like something has just walked through the room.