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What an amazing fortification this is, which was built to protect over the River Tyne.

There has been as castle at this site since 400 AD. It has seen many historical battles and wars over the time, whilst being a part of the war between the English and Scottish.

It has been built and rebuilt over the years, having at times fallen in to ruin. From 1644 when Newcastle become a stronghold again, parts of the castle were sold off and leased out to regenerate the area with new houses and shops. The 1800s saw another revival of the area and more shops and slum housing built in the grounds of the castle.

Over time again the main castle was left and had fallen in to disrepair.  In 2011 with the help of Lottery Funding, the castle keep and black gate were once again regenerated and received sympathetic restoration.

Paranormal Activity

Once the site of witch trials, there is no surprise that this place is incredibly haunted. Many hangings had taken place in the castle keep, with many innocent men and women losing their lives through the mass killing of witches.

Blank monks have been seen, walking in a straight line, heads held down and chanting and loud moans and wails can be heard as they walk by, seemingly unaware there is anyone else there or that time has gone by.

Sounds of walking on stone floors have been heard, and lights can be seen coming in through the door ways. Menacing faces appearing from nowhere have been witnessed, terrifying those who saw a scary white face looming at them from the darkness. The sounds of metal have been heard and door seem to open and close on their own. Small objects have been moved and coins have appeared upon request.

This location is not for those who get scared easily!


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