Castle Lodge Ghost Hunts

Castle Lodge Ghost Hunts Ludlow


A stunning example of Tudor and Elizabethan architecture, this Grade ll listed house has some of the best examples of original oak paneling anywhere.

It has mostly been a private home, although for a period of time, before the Second World War it was a hotel.

The house was believed to have been used as a prison also for some time, although there are very few records of this or when the 24-room home might have been used as a such. 

The house was privately owned recently, although began to fall in to disrepair. Many of the originally features were beginning to become destroyed and a real risk the property would become derelict started to be realized. However; the house has once again found an owner and is now being renovated back to its former glory.

Paranormal Activity

This is a gem of a haunted property with creaking floorboards and staircases, giving the feel of a typical haunted house and so very atmospheric. In terms of paranormal activity, ghostly shadows have been seen walking around the house and walking up to anyone who enters. Like you have walked in to their home and they are looking at who you are and how dare you enter my house!

Some places within the house have a warm and welcoming feel, however sudden cold spots have occurred in different parts of the house and feelings of calm have been reported by many visitors who experienced something like a supportive or helpful spirit coming close making them feel at peace and no longer afraid.

But this is only short lived for those who dare to explore the house further. Darker spirits have also been seen and people have felt themselves be grabbed from behind in the dark, especially in the upstairs rooms. Like the events from the past are playing. with you at the centre. The spirit seems particularly interested in females who enter the house.

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