Coalhouse Fort Essex

Coalhouse Fort is a large casemated fort situated in East Tilbury Essex housing collections and artefacts from World War I and II
With mile upon mile of dark atmospheric tunnels to investigate on an all night ghost hunt this location is only for brave!
The Fort has always given good amounts of activity with eerie moans and fantastic EVP’s captured.
An apparition of a Solider has been seen in the tunnel fully equipped wearing uniform and gas mask he actually ran through the person who saw him causing the person to scream in terror and fright a night we have never forgotten!
Tables have moved around on their own accord and stones have been thrown at an alarming rate and velocity so much so that we had to call halt to the vigil and leave the area in case someone got hit.
As you can see this is a fantastic must do location for any ghost hunting fan.
Should you be interested in a ghost hunt at Coalhouse Fort that has sold out please call us on 0115 9722534. We may have a last minute cancellation and may be able to accommodate you.