Codnor Castle Farmhouse Ghost Hunts

Codnor Farmhouse Ghost Hunts


This was the original site of a castle, which stood between Nottinghamshire ad Derbyshire. Although this has since been mostly destroyed and stone used to build farmhouses in the area. This is now the site of the Castle Farmhouse or Codnor Farmhouse as it is now known.

The house has seen its fair share of upset and negativity over the years since it was built. There are reports of 1 murder and 4 suicides taking place at this house. The murdered happened outside in the garden and was a father who killed his stepdaughter.

One of the people who committed suicide here, was a man who has become so isolated and depressed that he attached a rope to the beams in the attic and leapt from the window, taking his own life.

There have been accidental deaths here too, one lady fell down the stairs and broke her neck.

The house is largely derelict now, could this have anything to do with the tragic past of this house?

Paranormal Activity

Many who enter this property are said to be affected by the house, or the spirits within it. Feelings of sorrow, anger, frustration, depression and anxiety have all been felt within the walls of this house.

Many people have seen shadow figures in many of the areas of the house. These feel sinister and foreboding to all those who have witnessed them. Some shadows figures have been known to appear in doorways, stopping the exit for those inside.

The house has links to dark witchcraft and satanism in the attic area. Some seals and articles used for ritual have been located on the property. There are reports that the darker things in the house, and the menacing feelings are connected to whatever happened at the property by those conducting the rituals.

Furniture moves here, and doors open and close on their own. Many items will move throughout the house or disappear altogether. It is best not to leave anything unattended you might need at Codnor Farmhouse.

This enveloping house is not one for the faint of heart.