East Anglian Railway Museum Ghost Hunts

East Anglian Railway Museum Essex Ghost Hunts


The museum was started in 1968, with the idea securing the old railway lines and persevering them and their history. Unfortunately, due to a lack of funding the site at Sudbury was lost.

The following year a lease was sort for the derelict goods yard at Chappel and Wakes Colne Station and was granted. Now the work began on repairing the outbuildings, railway tracks, signal boxes and stations. The first steam trains used the train in only 3 months after restoration works started.

By 1980 the public became interested in the works conducted by a handful on enthusiasts and volunteers, and so the site was turned in to a museum.

Paranormal Activity

The railway itself ate back to the Victorian era, when rail travel was very different from what it is today. Many enjoyed using the railway for leisure and to see the countryside. But they were also not as safe as they are today, and so the site has seen its fair share of accidents and deaths.

This unique place is said to be haunted by a dark spirit, who makes those who encounter him feel nauseous, have a feeling of dread and see a tall dark shadow looming towards them. He is known to move items and affect equipment for those brave enough to seek contact with him.

A place where so many people have been before, it is not surprising there are the sounds of laughter, footsteps and whistles blown in the night as this now disused railway. The signal boxes have been said to come on and ring on their own and lights can be seen flashing inside the buildings and down the lines.