Edwardian School Ghost Hunts

Edwardian School Ghost Hunts

Dusk Till Dawn Events brings you a night of ghost hunting at the Old Edwardian School in Nottingham.

This very majestic looking School from the outside is now a listed building and was built in 1909.

The school first opened its doors to the children of Nottingham in 1910 thought initially as a way to aid the important local lace trade in Nottingham which required young people to be ‘skilled with eye & hand’.

The original classrooms now used as offices remain along with the original oak panelling which is still intact particularly in the dark and creepy corridors.

With access to the old Art Room, this is a room that seems to be the hub for paranormal activity; strange smells of vanilla along with loud bangs and a man’s voice and knocks have been heard along with a heavy door which was witnessed opening by itself, upon further investigation there was no one else inside the building at the time!

A young girl wearing a white dress has been seen on two occasions wandering the top floor corridors here also, mistaken for someone lost in the building, the man who saw her asked her if she was okay only for her to turn and walk directly into the wall and disappear.

Are you brave enough to discover who still resides here and who walks the corridors of this very old haunted School?

You can take part in various experiments such as Ouija boards, table tipping and glass divination and watch and wait vigils throughout the night in the most active parts of the location.

Join us if you dare!

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Edwardian School Ghost Hunt - Ghost Hunts

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