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There has been a house standing at this location since 1195. The house that currently stands is an excellent example of medieval building and was reportedly lived in by William Shrieve, one of King Henry VIII’s archers.

The frontage of the property is original, but the remaining property had to be extensively rebuilt following many fires that ravaged Stratford.

In the 16th century the home was turned in to a Tavern and had a rich history for the many different people who passed through the tavern and stayed overnight here.

Around the time of the civil war, many wounded soldiers were brought to the house for treatment.  

Paranormal Activity

There are many reported ghosts who frequent the house to this day. A young girl is known to still pick the pockets of those who enter the house.

Hooded figures have been seen walking through the house, or standing and watching from the corners of rooms whilst those living try to communicate with them. They are known to be quiet and ominous feeling, but will watch all those who walk around the building.


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