Fire and Police Museum Ghost Hunts

Fire and Police Museum Sheffield Ghost Hunts


The museum occupied the space that was previously a combines Fire and Police station dating back to the 1900’s. This building has one of the last remaining fire observation towers in the UK.

Since the 1970’s items housed at the museum are original and date back to the original station. Many have come from personal collections from the first Superintendent Tom Breaks.

This building saw service through both of the World Wars. It was divided so the police, fire and ambulance departments had their own space and allocation for services the community.

Paranormal Activity

When entering the cells, the spirit of an angry man is said to meet anyone who dares stand in there for long enough. He has been heard thudding the walls, walking around in the corridor and trying to intimidate those standing in his space.

Light have been seen through the corridors, and a mist has been seen, like a spirit person still walking around attending their day.

Ringing sounds have been heard and a phone has been heard ringing, where no phone can be found.

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