Fort Amherst Ghost Hunts

Fort Amherst Kent Ghost Hunts


1708 saw plans drawn up for a fortification at the site, but works did not begin until 1755.

The site is made up of chalk caves, which were extensively created between 1776 and 1805, to form a real labyrinth of tunnels aimed at protecting defensive and battlement positions.

The fort contained many garrisons for the protection and housing of the defense staff who were located at the fort. There are gateways which were aimed at protecting the fort and kept the cannons and gun housings.

In the 1820’s the fort was finally closed. With the advance of warfare and artillery, a fortification was deemed unnecessary. The fortification was then used for training and siege training. Many of the training sessions were open to the public to come and view the soldiers training methods and practice.

Paranormal Activity

Voices have been heard from the shouting of soldiers to the whispers of those who appear lost in time. Reports of paranormal activity have been recorded in every area of the fort.

Dark masses have been seen and appear to follow those feeling nervous. Some have seen these dark masses walk through the walls of the battlements.

Soldiers have been seen running through the tunnels, with some being so clear guests thought it a re-enactment taking place.

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