Galleries Of Justice Ghost Hunts

Galleries of Justice National Justice Museum Nottingham Ghost Hunts
Once a place of execution and incarceration; the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham, also known as the National Justice Museum is the perfect place for a ghost hunt.
In February 2011 the ghostly apparition of a man was clearly seen in the cave he appeared to be looking at the group together in the caves whilst doing a ghost hunting vigil.
Heavy stones, marbles appearing from nowhere and old nails have been known to be thrown across the cave along with discarnate audible growls and moans.
Spirit lights are seen regularly in the court rooms along with knocks and bangs in response to questions when asked.
With original court rooms and the most haunted caves imaginable dare you enter and investigate this fantastic location for the entire night.
Should you be interested in a ghost hunt in Nottingham at the Galleries of Justice that has sold out please call us on 0115 8229487 we may have a last minute cancellation and may be able to accommodate you.