Gloucester Prison Ghost Hunts

Gloucester Prison Ghost Hunts


There has been a prison at this site since 1777, the prison was built on the grounds of a castle. Conditions for the inmates were awful and all prisoners were housed together, with no segregation for males and females. The current prison dates back to 1791. It has been amended on many occasions due to the poor condition of the original Gaol.

The prison was built with separate areas for male and female inmates, and for children and those awaiting trial. All inmates had their own cells, and there was no communication between inmates allowed. There was also a chapel and infirmary built at this site at the time. Inmates received regular visits from the priests.

The prison has suffered overcrowding for much of its life and has been added to and rebuilt on many occasions to allow for the changes in law, additional inmates and growth of the population. There have been large changes too, like the position of the hanging area. Originally this was on the East side of the prison, however; when the law changed and all hangings had to be conducted inside the walls of the prison, a new gatehouse was built on the North side and prisoners were executed on the roof.

Paranormal Activity

Walking around the prison there are many sounds you will hear, from doors opening and closing, footsteps following behind you and the whispers of prisoners who still feel that they are not allowed to talk to each other.

Shadow figures have been seen, peering out from around the corridors and from the cell bars.

Objects placed have been known to move, or to disappear completely from where they have been left.

One man found himself locked in the cell when he ventured in alone, so be careful where you do in this prison, the guards are clearly still at work!


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