Golden Fleece Ghost Hunts

The Golden Fleece York


The Golden Fleece public house found in the City of York dates back to 1503, and although there have been alterations and additions in the 19th century, the building itself is largely original.

The property is comprised of a public house on the ground floor and 4 bedrooms above. The Golden Fleece is situated on the one of the oldest streets in the whole of York.

Paranormal Activity

One of the most famous events recorded at the Golden Fleece, is that of a shadow figure captured standing behind the bar. This is clearly the outline of a person and gives uncomfortable feelings for all those who see it.

The spirit of a Canadian man has been seen in full uniform, walking through the upper floor and seeming to be in turmoil. It is believed this is the spirit of a soldier from WWII who fell from the upper windows of the hotel and fell to his death.

A female has been seen by many people, she is warm and welcoming and helps the lost and unsure. She is believed to be the spirit of Lady Alice Peckitt, wife of the original owner. The courtyard behind the hotel has been named after her.  she is believed to still be wondering the public house that she loved so much in life.

Dusk Till Dawn Events will be returning to this venue soon.
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