Guys Cliffe House Ghost Hunts

Guys Cliffe House Ghost Hunts - Warwickshire


The history of Guys Cliffe house dates back to 929 AD, with the 1st Bishop of Warwick, Sir Guy of Warwick, believed to have died in the caves of the house in 970 AD.

In 1327 the Hermit (Thomas de Lewis) of Guys Cliffe asked the King for his protection. Though the house was taken from him for a shirt time, it was returned to Thomas.  
In 1423 King Henry V used the site as a Chantry Chapel, or a site dedicated to memory of a person, on occasions a priest would reside at the Chantry and pray for the family.

With its dissolution in 1547 the property was granted to Sir Andrew Flammock where it became a domestic settlement, where is was owned by many families privately until 1947.
Guys Cliffe House was used as a hospital during the first and second World Wars and as a school for evacuated children.

Between 1947 and 1952 the estate of Guys Cliffe was broken up and sold to separate investors. The new owner of the house intended to turn it in to apartments, but this planning permission was refused and in 1955 the House was sold to Aldywyn Porter who let it out to the Freemasons, a connection which remains today.

Paranormal Activity

You cannot help but feel the real air of mystery as you enter Guys Cliffe House, and standing within the Masonic Hall gives you chills.
Many people report a feeling of being closed in or seeing showdown figures stand in the corners, taller that a man and darker than black, with a foreboding feeling and an eerie presence.

Objects have been moved on their own and lights have been seen with no natural light source.
Cold spots are felt around the property.

A small huddled man has been seen at the end of a long corridor away from the main building. 

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