Hack Green Secret Bunker Cheshire

Hack Green Secret Bunker


In the early days of radar, it was very hard to detect enemy from friendly planes and the fast paces jets often out manouvered the radar entirely.

To avoid this issue, something had to be done and so there were 21 fixed radar stations established, with Hack Green being one of them. It was highly equipt and very well positioned to assist in the war efforts.

As the war progressed, the threat from nuclear war became ever present, a banker was established at the site. This was semi-sunken and used as a station for radar and communications.

Over the years the bunker has been utilized by many military personnel to assist in both covert and domestic needs for the country. The bunker was used for the last time in 1966, where the station was closed and personnel stationed at the site were sent on elsewhere.

Paranormal Activity

Reports have been made about a very angry spirit person at this site, one who will make his presence known to those who dare to enter. He has been heard growling, stamping, moving things and throwing things.

People have felt pain down their sides at this location, like a feeling of being hit or pushed in the side. These could be connected to the angry spirit, or the spirit of a lady whom is also said to be angry at the intrusion of outsiders.

Voices have been heard throughout the bunker and many will whisper things in the ears of those standing alone in the dark.

The place takes on a very eerie and menacing feeling in the dark, it is not for the faint of heart.

Dusk Till Dawn Events will be returning to this venue soon.
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