Harwich Redoubt Fort Essex

Harwich Redoubt Fort Essex Ghost Hunting


The fort was built between 1808 and 1810 and was designed protect Harwich during the Napoleonic War.

Originally there were 24 cannons at the fort. With the advancement of technology and warfare, alterations were made to the fort to house 68 cannons. Then again in 1913, some of these cannons were changed for quick firing guns.

Despite the many alterations over the years and the replacement of guns, none were ever fired in anger. In the 1920’s it was decided that the fortification was no longer required, so the council brought the property and used the grounds for allotments. The Redoubt fort itself, largely fell into disrepair.

For a brief time during the Second World War, the fort as used as a military prison for those awaiting trial. When wandering the passageways and rooms, some of the graffiti left by the soldiers can be seen, still etched into the walls.

In 1969 a restoration team took the Redoubt and set about restoring it to what it is today. It is now listed as an ancient monument.

Paranormal Activity

One of the most well-known spirits at the Fort is that of a headless solider. It is believed he was decapitated in a horrific accident involving some wires and the cannon he was working on. He is said to still to wondering the passageways and has been seen by many people.

Noises are heard throughout the fort, and it would seem each spirit is determined to make their presence known. Alongside the disembodied voices are footsteps, running and the sounds of shouting.

Hot and cold spots have been known to form with no natural explanation.

Another common occurrence here is the feeling of being touched or grabbed down in the cellars.

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