Haunted Antiques Museum Ghost Hunts Hinckley

Haunted Antiques Museum Ghost Hunts

Are you brave enough to take part in a scary overnight elite ghost hunt for just 10 attendees followed by a creepy sleepover inside one of Hinckley’s oldest buildings, also the home to the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Museum as seen on ITV’s This Morning programme

This unique and quirky museum is filled to the brim with haunted artefacts, such as a terrifying Voodoo doll and the infamous, haunted and chilling painting of the well-known crying boy, along with a collection of strange Victorian haunted antiques, which are reported to have been the cause of paranormal activity from where they were purchased and originally came from.

The building is said to have been witness to some incredible ghostly occurrences over the recent months, with some actual footage of items moving by themselves being captured on security camera, as you can see, this is a sure must do for any paranormal enthusiast.

As the energy is now thought to be harnessed within the very walls of the museum from the many strange objects inside the building, during the ghost hunt and vigils the haunted objects can be seen and you will be able to sense and feel the energy surrounding them as you try to discover, who or what still haunts them!

Please bring your own hot, cold drinks and snacks with you as we are unable to provide these currently due to health and safety. Strictly no alcohol thank you.

Join us for an incredible night at this amazing and reputedly haunted museum if you dare! 

Join us if you dare!

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