Hereford Shire Hall

Hereford Shirehall Hereford Ghost Hunts


This grand old building was originally a Gaol. Many of those tried at this historic courthouse and prison were given the death penalty.

Many of the features of the jail still remain to this day, including a hook which was used by the judge when sentencing those to death. Prisoners were not executed here; they were transported to St Peters Square and execution was then carried out here.

There are reports which indicate some of the bodies were transported back to the courthouse. With many reports stating the prisoner’s bodies were misused and mishandled after their death.

Paranormal Activity

With the reports from the place surrounding ill-treatment of the living and the dead, it is no wonder Shirehall is reported as very haunted.

Dark, tall shadow figures have been seen, normally pre-seeding a foul smell and feelings of anxiety and worry amongst those brave enough to enter the old courthouse and cells.

Feelings of nausea and lightheadedness have been felt by many of those inside the building.

Disembodied voices have been heard and figures have been seen crying and wailing in the dark.