Kelvedon Hatch Secret Bunker Essex


With its 3 layers, this is certainly an interesting location, and one not for the faint hearted. 

Originally this was built for use for defense against Soviet bombers and housed an elaborate radar system called ROTOR. 

During the 1960’s, the structure was repurposed and was used for civil defense. 

Later this was changed again in to a nuclear bunker with the blast doors added, canteens, dormitories and even a small operating theatre. Everything that might be needed by the military staff using the base and their families for 3 months following the onset of nuclear war. 

Each level has its own purpose; 

The upper floor houses the canteen, dormitories and all items required for day to day living of the military staff and their families who would be housed in the base. 

On the second level this was for the Government and formed a Regional Government HQ for the operations of military activity during nuclear war. 

The ground floor is 80 feet blow the country side above, and would be the safest place during the possible war. All communication would be done from here and there equipment required by the military was sored down at this level. 

This level also housed the plotting room where enemy and friendly military activity could be tracked 24 hours per day. 

In 1993 the military decided this was too expensive to keep running and was put up for auction. It is now privately owned.