Kielder Castle Northumberland

Kielder Castle Northumberland Ghost Hunts


This stunning castle was once a hunting lodge built for the then Duke of Northumberland in 1775.

After being disused for some time, major renovation works were conducted on the property in the 19th century, to bring the castle back to its former glory. There are little records on what happened to the property over these yeas. Although it is believed to have been a family home for the well to do of the area.

In 1932 the property was finally sold to the Forestry Commission, whom, shortly after being the new owners, planted an extensive forest in the grounds. This is how the property has remained and it is a visitors centre and park now.

Paranormal Activity

One of the famous spiritual residence of the house is that of a young man who died during a horrible hunting accident, He has been seen by many and seems only too willing to tell his story to those who will listen.

Voices have been heard clearly, calling the names of those wondering the castle, or brave enough to stand and wait for the spirits to come to them. Conversations have been overheard and EVPs are common place here, where guests did not hear the voices at the time.

A feeling of being followed and watched be someone mischievous has been felt by many. Some have reported feeling someone tug on their clothes, or feel a soft hand grip theirs in the dark.

A young girl seems to be the forefront of the hauntings here also, and her energy is thought to be the cause of the many strange occurences that heppen frequently at this location.

Would you be brave enough to spend the night actually sleeping at this haunted old castle, where no one can hear you scream ?

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