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This castle dates back to the Roman times and has amassed an impressive history over this time.

The castle is still owned and will always be owned by the Monarch, the Duchy of Lancashire, it was decreed 750 years ago that the Monarch will always be the Duke of Lancashire and the term Duke is used for both Kings and Queens.

The castle has a bloody past, and has seen the executions of over 800 people at this site, at a place called Gallows Hill. It was a prominent location heavily involved in the witch trials and saw the execution of 10 witches who were part of the original Pendle Hill Witch Coven.

People were executed at this site for anything from murder to stealing cattle. The conditions for the prisoners were considered to be better than many other prisons. This was largely due to the enlightening views and opinions of the governors.

The castle was a prison from the 18th century until 2011. Many children were housed in the prison with their parents and this prison was the last the segregate male and female inmates.

Paranormal Activity

With the great number of deaths connected to this castle, it comes as no surprise that many of the people did not leave.

There are some who believe some of the Pendle Witches cursed the site and their spirits have been seen at the castle and within the grounds. They have scared many people and seem to hold their resentment for the way they were treated.

A bank monk has been seen walking through the castle. There is believed to have been at least one monk hanged at this site, so this could be him. He seems hard to talk to, but certainly makes his presence known, following people and talking in a low voice to himself.

Many of the present-day prison staff and former inmates reported seeing and hearing a young girl. She would sing and hum and she walked through the prison. But people said there was something wrong with her and they would fee very unnerved and anxious when she appeared. She appears to have been seen as an omen.


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