Lowlands Mansion Ghost Hunts Liverpool

Lowlands Mansion Ghost Hunts Liverpool

Lowlands Manison Ghost Hunts

Join Dusk Till Dawn Events for an intrepid night of scary ghost hunting as we take you once night falls into the very haunted Lowlands Mansion House in Liverpool.

With so many paranormal occurrences surrounding this old Victorian building reported, we hope you can join us to investigate this intriguing, haunted location.


Lowlands Mansion is an historic house where the unexplained does happen and strange things have been witnessed many times over the years. Grade ll listed, the property began it's life as a former merchant’s mansion dating from 1846, later becoming home to the Withers Family until 1930.

From 1959 to 1966, it was known as the Pillar Club, a place where many famous bands played, this included the early Beatles (known then as the Quarrymen) along with other greats such as Gerry and the Pacemakers, the Hollies, Herman's Hermits and many other famous musicians from the 60’s also.

Ghostly Activity

Lowlands Mansion House is vast in size and is thought to be one of the most haunted mansions in Liverpool, with a plethora of ghostly activity reported, from strange whispering voices that have been heard in the dead of night by visitors here, along with figures and apparitions seen in various parts of the house.

This really is a place to visit for all fans of supernatural and unexplained activity, with rooms, creepy stairwells and corridors to be explored, take part in an overnight ghost hunt at this formidable old mansion house.

Dusk Till Dawn Events have this unique building for an entire night’s investigation and you have the chance to join in your very own ghost hunt at one of the UK's haunted places.

You will have full use of ghost hunting equipment and you can take part in various experiments and vigils throughout the night in the most active parts of the location.

This really is ghost hunting at its best at such a fantastic haunted location, tt may be cold, also dark so wrap up warm and bring torches.

Please bring your own hot/cold drinks and snacks with you as we are unable to provide these currently due to health and safety. Strictly no alcohol thank you.

Join us if you dare!

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