Middleton Hall Staffordshire

Middleton Hall Tamworth, Staffordshire Ghost Hunts


A stunning grade II listed building, Middleton Hall has been owned and lived in by many families over the years. The original family to own the house were the De Freville who passed the house on to the Willoughby family through marriage.

Many family members lived in the house until its eventual downfall and after falling into disrepair it was brought by a trust in the 1980s, who have been responsible for bringing the Hall back to its former glory. The Hall is currently used as a beautiful example of the richness of the time, with a café and stunning gardens.

Paranormal Activity

A lady dressed in grey has been seen by staff and volunteers of the Hall on many occasions and has had conversations with many who believed that were talking to a reenactor.

Dragging sounds are amongst some of the most common at the Hall, with many reporting the sounds within closed rooms, only to find nothing has been moved.

Items have been moved and many items have disappeared completely, only to turn up some time later somewhere completely.

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