Morecambe Winter Gardens

The Morecambe Winter Gardens Theatre Morecambe Ghost Nights


A truly stunning auditorium awaits those who enter, this is the only remaining example of this style of architecture and it retains many of the original Victorian features.

Originally known as the Victorian Pavillion, it dates back to 1897 and could seat over 2000 people. There is an auditorium, ball rooms, billiard hall, bars and even an aquarium.

After it was closed, friends of the auditorium started a charity and raised to funds to buy the now deteriorating building. Their intention was to clean out and carry out urgent repair works.

Their works have been completed to the highest standard and many are drawn to the Winter Gardens for many events.

Paranormal Activity

Sounds have been heard in many areas of the auditorium, in the halls and bars. The sounds of people talking, the feeling of anticipation and the exciting chatter behind the curtains have been heard by many people.

Volunteers have had the feelings of being followed and even touched on the shoulder as they walk alone. Underneath the stage there is an oppresive and scary atmosphere, dark shadows have been seen here darting backwards and forwards, and heavy tables and chairs have moved by themselves within the darkness.

Locked doors have been found unlocked and items have been moved around the rooms. Many of the spirits are determined to make their presence known and are happy to speak to all who will wait long enough to heard their story.

Dusk Till Dawn Events will be returning to this venue soon.
To register your interest in attending a Ghost Hunt at this location please contact us for further information.

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