Nottingham Caves Nottinghamshire

The Nottingham Caves have a fascinating history they are built and carved from Sand stone.

Found directly beneath the City of Nottingham itself many people go about their daily routine forgetting that just beneath them lies a labyrinth of cave systems where many people lived and worked in years gone by.

The Caves were originally used as a tannery as well as cellars for a public house and also as an air raid shelter.

The basement walls in the Cave house some of the remains of the original Drury Hill Slums.

 The Drury Hill Slum was an area in Nottingham where the poorest of families lived slept and ate and was said to be one of the worst slums in Britain during the 19th Century.

There is a plethora of paranormal activity to be found in this location and some great results during previous investigations have been captured here.

Poltergeist Stone throwing along with strange green lights have been seen by many along with horrid moans and groans heard whist people have been stood in the darkness of the Caves.

Should you be interested in a ghost hunt at the Nottingham Caves that has sold out please call us on 0115 9224881. We may have a last minute cancellation and may be able to accommodate you.