Revesby Abbey Lincolnshire

Revesby Abbey Basements Lincolnshire

The designs for the property were chosen by JB Stanhope, and work started in 1843, the house was finally finished in 1845, and was built in the then popular Jacobethan style.

The home was gifted to Edward Stanhope in 1888, where is remained in his family until 1907, where it was handed back to the 6th Earl of Stanhope. Richard Stanhope owned the property with his wife Lady Beryl Groves, Richard died in the Battle of the Somme, but Lady Beryl maintained the property.

Around the time of the first World War, Lady Beryl used the property to house medical supplies and trained horses.

Lady Beryl moved out of the Abbey but lived in a smaller cottage on the estate, and the Abbey was used for the 1st Airlanding Brigade for the second World War. Here they were housed and trained, with some American soldiers joining them too.

In the 1950’s many of the items within the house were sold off, leaving the property bare.
Lady Beryl died in 1953 and the property then became owned by the RAF, although not largely used, and so in the 1977 a request was put in for the property to be demolished, which was at first refused, by the in 1980 the council again requested fort he property to be demolished.

In 1987 the English Heritage came to the rescue and used their powers to overrule the council and emergency repairs works were carried out.
Paranormal Activity

Uniformed soldiers have been seen walking the basement area, and the feeling of being watched and followed is never too far away.

Children have been seen laughing and playing and enjoy poking or brushing past unsuspecting guests as they stand down in the maze of rooms within the basement.

If you venture outside you have access to the store houses, where many people would have passed through daily.

A real darkness is said to over take you as you stand down in this area.

A woman has been seen, and her cries heard as she tries to tell her story.

Lights have been seen within no natural source and dramatic temperature changes have been felt.

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