Ripon Workhouse and Orphanage Ghost Hunts


Ripon Workhouse and Orphanage Ghost Hunts Dusk Till Dawn Events

The Ripon Workhouse and Orphanage can be found in Allhallowgate Ripon, now a museum showing how the poor lived and died, the property is Grade ll Listed and a true time capsule of history which has been captured within its dark and daunting walls.

Since 1776 a workhouse has been on this site, after being appointed a commission of enquiry, the poor and destitute were housed here, earning their keep by working and children were given an education for a better future.

Ripon workhouse could house 33 inmates, which consisted of 11 men, 11 boys, 9 women and 2 girls, the men spent their days breaking stones, which were then used to mend roads.

The workhouse became self sufficient with a teacher, chaplain and doctors, some inmates worked in the kitchen, did laundry and grew their own vegetables, the building also contained its own infirmary and had its own transport which was used to move inmates to asylums should they become violent and unruly.

In 1877, a separate block of buildings was used for vagrants who were given an evening meal along with a bed for the night, in exchange for this, they were given jobs to complete, before leaving the next day following their one-night stay.

This really was a place of much sorrow and hardship, step back in time with us as we take part in a scary ghost hunting investigation once night falls, as we connect with the many ghosts and spirits that linger in this old reputedly haunted workhouse!

Join us if you dare!

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Ripon Workhouse Orphanage Ghost Hunt - Ghost Hunts

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