Ryecroft Hall Manchester

Ryecroft Hall Manchester


Originally built for the Buckley family. This stunning Grade II listed building was passed through the Buckley Family and from 1849 to the time of the First World War.

When the First World War hit, Ryecroft Hall was voluntarily turned in to a hospital for the sick and injured. The Hall held over 100 beds for those in need.

Paranormal Activity

Given some of the past associated with this amazing house, and a mortuary which its location is in the bowels of the house, it should come as no surprise that this home has the spirits of many people who have decided not to leave!
Distant groaning and screams can be heard from the spirits of those who died from their wounds, or from the surgeries originally intended to save their lives. The sense of being watched and followed has been witnessed.

Staff have reported things being moved by unseen hands and seeing people out of the corner of their eyes, who are not there when they look for them.
Shadow figures can be seen in many of the areas, and give a heavy or foreboding feeling when they are seen.